Communication planning

Once you have a clear understanding of who you are as a brand and have identified your desired audience then it’s time to make choices about what/where/how you say what you want to say to people. In the current media landscape it can feel overwhelming and inevitably many brands stay safe and choose what they know and feel comfortable with again, and again, and again.

Thanks to my experience I can help you take steps towards harnessing the myriad opportunities that exist to communicate efficiently and effectively to your audience in MORE ENGAGING ways. Often the reasons for not making proactive and innovative choices come down to poor planning in advance e.g. “We’d love to do more with social media but we don’t have the content”.  I can help you utilise the creative and brand assets you have and also, if involved early enough, help you optimise your communications and content plan.




One recent example is with WA not for profit arts organisation FORM.  They were executing a fantastic public art project but had not given consideration to how they might create rapid awareness of the initiative.  Without any creative assets to speak of and a very tight timeline I worked with them to create a comms strategy and quickly addressed the shortage of creative content building a short video trailer and ultimately creating supporting digital assets.