I began my career writing memo's and relying on the fax machine but for almost 15 years now I have been investing significant amounts of time and money in developing effective and innovative digital marketing campaigns.  My experience of the world of marketing before the rise of digital means that I focus on the highest common factors of brand identity and human behaviour and how the two intersect to deliver truly engaging experiences.  Digital marketing is an exciting territory for any brand manager and clearly offers a myriad of opportunities to engage but it's also not the panacea for all.  I can help you distil when, how and why to use digital marketing and how to integrate it most effectively into your overall mix.  




The Promise Keeper was a unique facebook application developed to support Reebok’s launch of ZigTech in Europe.  The app used peer recognition, pressure and reward to encourage people to fulfil their commitments to get out and run.  The brainchild of Forsman and Bodenfors, one of the world’s leading digital creative agencies we built on the idea by adding secret rewards in the form of video content from some of Reebok’s global athletes – Amir Khan, Alexander Ovechkin and Iker Casillas - to encourage sharing and word of mouth recognition.  A specific treatment was created for each athlete to enable a narrative that would be relevant to the individual receiving the film.  The feedback was tremendous and the overall campaign won a Cannes Digital Lion.  Extra special shout out goes to Ruxandra Bocin-Dumitriu who was the Digital Content Manager who worked with F&B on this :)