Events & Brand Activation

Bringing you brand to life is a wonderful way of connecting with important audiences. Done well it can cement your reputation and help foster a group of brand advocates that will help spread your brand message long after the event is over. Whether focused on a key B2B or B2C audience creative brand activation is an important component in a marketing landscape characterised by increased brand noise and fragmented media consumption.





Once we had taken the decision to show Reebok Classics at Bread & Butter the challenge became one of ensuring that the brand stood out at Europe’s largest fashion trade show.  Surrounded by the leading brands in the market it meant an ongoing commitment to creativity and constant refreshment and innovation – without EVER compromising the brand or its strategy.  Across several shows we implemented creative collaborations with artists and creative as diverse as Pete Fowler & Amanda de Cadenet, we incorporated more elaborated structure & design, we offered bespoke customised sneakers, hosted on stand events, collaborated with up & coming street art movement ‘Secret Walls’, presented sporting icons such as Thierry Henry, created ‘live’ advertising, major parties and more. 



The RCFC events were a key step in aligning Reebok with the emerging CrossFit movement in Europe.  The events existed to celebrate Crossfit athletes and to demonstrate the key point of difference – that Crossfit was not like other fitness regimes – it exists as both a workout and a competitive sport.  Because our audience of committed Crossfitters were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their sport our events had to not only tick all of the boxes of a major Crossfit tournament event but also build in enough pleasant surprises to delight them and improve their perception of Reebok as a credible partner in the global expansion of Crossfit.  Lastly it had to look great for the Eurosport camera’s too!

We worked with the fantastic RPM event agency and created a portable stadium, placing Crossfit ‘in the round’ (never done previously) and chose to host the events in major city centres across 9 European cities (7 capitals). 

Big shout out to Laura Renberg-Dunkelgruen, Reebok Events Manager for her tireless work on this project.