Trade Marketing & Distribution

If you’re a brand that relies upon 3rd party distribution then collaboration with your customers is paramount to ensure that your brand is presented with integrity and that you remain competitive when your consumer enters into the process of evaluating and choosing which product they wish to buy. A partnership approach is essential and opening up opportunities for cooperation and collaboration is a great way of in turn unlocking more favourable support from the retailers. I have a depth of experience working with some of the largest retail groups in the world from Boots & Asda Walmart in the UK to Intersport, to Footlocker and Intersport (the largest sporting goods retail group in the world) in Europe.



A highlight was being part of the small team who established Reebok as Intersport’s ‘preferred fitness partner’ through a programme of product and marketing collaboration.




On a smaller level I have experience of establishing the e-commerce channel for a 6 store retailer, Kitchen Warehouse, and in turn helping them establish affiliate marketing programmes designed to bring new customers into stores and encourage sign up to their in store loyalty programme.