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"The flock always finds the best grass" Vinod Khosla

Every business begins with two fundamental components: a proposition in the form of a product or service and at least 1 customer.  After you find your first customer the focus is to grow your business.  How do you establish the foundations for growth if you don’t know your flock intimately? How do you create the tastiest grass for your flock? How do you know your grass is tasty enough?

In this 3/4 day workshop you will learn how to investigate, understand & define your flock (audience).  You will understand how to develop, define, articulate & offer your proposition (grass).  You’ll then learn techniques to attract your flock to enjoy your tasty grass.  These fundamentals are the foundation stones for any successful business.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Any business owner/founder or person responsible for marketing within a new business who wants to establish brand strategy fundamentals within their business to act as a foundation for growth.

  • Also useful for anyone who is part of a more established business for whom growth has stalled and needs to reevaluate the fundamental relationship between customers & brand.

By the end of the workshop….

…. you’ll know how to establish a clear understanding of your flock, have a true and clear grasp on who you are & what you represent and how to attract your first customers.  If you’re in an established business you will have gained greater clarity about your key audience(s), what makes your proposition special and how you can generate more traction through simple marketing techniques

How does it work?

  • You’ll receive a pre course questionnaire which will allow you to share specific challenges, things you’re hoping to learn or questions you’re looking for answers on

  • At the course you’ll be walked through the following stages:

    • Identifying your flock

      • Personification

      • What job needs to be done?

      • What are the pains you can resolve and the gains you can deliver?

      • What would they find remarkable?

      • How can you validate the job/pains/gains?

      • Evaluating the existing solutions

    • Growing your delicious and unique grass

      • Can you offer something beyond utility?

      • What is your advantage?

      • Can you be remarkable?

      • How does it resolve pains/deliver gains?

      • Does it transport your flock on a journey from ‘before’ to ‘after’?

      • What is the minimum loveable product you can offer?

      • How can you deliver a high impact first experience of your MLP?

    • Attracting your flock to your unique grass

      • What is your value led identity?

      • What are your priority actions & behaviours

      • What are the zero cost routes?

      • How do you generate a 1000 strong flock?

  • As a final step you’ll be asked to author an action plan to govern your actions in the next 30 days. This will then be shared publicly with the group and you’ll be paired up with another person so that you can provide moral support to each other after the workshop finishes

  • Post workshop you’ll be invited into a Slack channel so that you can ask questions of your cohort

  • Additional one on one coaching is also available

Post Workshop Support

Beyond the moral support & feedback that you can access from your cohort you will also have a 1 hour video conference call that you can cash in with the instructor as and when you feel you need it.