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"The value of an idea lies in the using of it" Thomas Edison
You’re an ideas person right? You’re bursting with them!  The thing is, ideas without action are flights of fancy.  

In this 1 day workshop you’ll rapidly learn how to take your idea and run with it so that within weeks of any lightbulb moment occurring you can be ready to share it/modify it/dispose of it.  The focus is resolutely on using a lean canvas framework to identify value in your idea and accelerating it to a state where it can be presented and discussed with others as a potential business, not just an idea.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone with aspirations to start a new business who would like to have a framework and roadmap in which to develop their idea

  • Particularly useful for anyone with a day job who wants a simple, fast framework for structuring and validating their idea for their ‘on the side’ or dream business

By the end of the workshop….

…. you’ll have the knowledge and tools to transform an idea into an early stage validated concept and robust business model so that you can take a step forward and connect with potential co-founders, partners and investors.

How does it work?

  • You’ll receive a pre course questionnaire which will allow you to share specific challenges, things you’re hoping to learn or questions you’re looking for answers on

  • At the course you’ll be walked through the following stages:

    • Identifying your audience and defining the job to be done & problem to be solved

    • Defining your value proposition

    • Defining & creating your ‘Minimum Loveable Product’

    • Attracting your audience & acquiring your first customer(s)

    • Revenue model & pricing

    • Operational costs & resources required

    • Setting metrics for success

  • As a final step you’ll be asked to author an action plan to govern your actions in the next 30 days. This will then be shared publicly with the group and you’ll be paired up with another person so that you can provide moral support to each other after the workshop finishes

  • Post workshop you’ll be invited into a Slack channel so that you can ask questions of your cohort

  • Additional one on one coaching is also available

Post Workshop Support

Beyond the moral support & feedback that you can access from your cohort you will also have a 1 hour video conference call that you can cash in with the instructor as and when you feel you need it.